Why we do the work we do…

For 10 1/2 years I battled the fraudsters on my own. Finally it was do or die. Enter Marc Dann and his team and they solved my problem. They strategized, they fought and then they negotiated an excellent outcome for my wife and I. These guys are cutting edge professionals and specialists. Tactical knowledge of the law, front line experience, solid battle plan, art of the deal and thoroughness of implementation—that’s the Dann Law Firm. By the way, legal fees are fair, manageable and honestly accounted for. Have no fear. Trust these guys.

​Big thank you to Marc, Bill Behrens and the entire crew, nicely done!

Our Philosophy

At DannLaw we believe anyone facing foreclosure, bankruptcy or other types of financial distress needs and deserves to be represented by experienced lawyers and professionals who know how to hold banks, debt buyers, debt collectors and financial predators accountable for the damage they do.

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